Why Lease?

Leasing equipment is often the best use of financial resources. Fortune 500 companies to small, family-owned businesses all take advantage of leasing programs–for good reason. In fact, 80% of U.S. companies lease some portion of their equipment acquisitions.

Leasing preserves your cash flow

Businesses need to preserve their capital to fund growth,expansion and operations. Cash flow is generated by the use of the leased equipment, leaving capital resources available for other business uses.

Leasing preserves existing lines of credit

Business equipment leasing does not impact existing bank lines of credit or borrowing capacity. Leasing protects your borrowing power for short-term capital needs and new opportunities.

Leasing is flexible

Almost any type of new and used equipment can be leased, and leasing allows for 100% financing of the equipment acquired and can include soft costs, such as freight, installation and training. Lease payments can be structured to meet the unique financial situation of each business.

Leasing has tax benefits

Operating leases are off-balance sheet financing, which means that each monthly payment is treated as a deductible business expense. Finance leases are obligations that are capitalized on the books. These financing arrangements allow for immediate tax deductions with bonus and Section 179 depreciation.


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