Private Label Leasing


This Program is designed for vendors who wish to present themselves as having their own finance/leasing company. All administrative duties, funding and servicing is all in the name of the dealers and handled by our funding partner.

Establishing a private label leasing program allows you to offer your customers another valuable service in addition to the equipment you sell. Kellian Business Finance's private label leasing program is structured to elevate brand awareness, provide quick funding to A – D credit profiles and start-ups, increasing your sales and helping you to maintain customer relationships for a lifetime.

Increase brand recognition and loyalty. Offering a full-service experience from purchase to payment minimizes brand interference from other providers. Kellian Business Finance will provide a branded application on your website linked directly to Kellian's underwriting department as well as branded financial documents, marketing collateral and special promotions. 

Allow Kellian to handle the back-end processes to fund your customer while you focus on what you do best…sell equipment.


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