Working Capital

Working capital is critical to the growth and success of any business. Managing finances is a constant battle in today’s business world. U.S banks make much fewer loans to small businesses than they did ten years ago. An unsecured working capital loan may be your may be your best choice to provide the resources you need to sustain and grow your business.

Requirements for a working capital loan

  • Business owner FICO score over 600.
  • Over two years time in business (TIB).
  • At least one year of profitability.
  • Annual revenue exceeds $150,000.
  • No personal or business bankruptcies in the last 7 years.
  • No outstanding tax liens or judgements.
  • All loans guaranteed by company owners.

Working capital loans

  • Amounts $10,000 to $250,000
  • Loan term 1,2,3,4 5 year terms
  • Loan amount based on annual revenues

Documents required

  • Completed application
  • Personal income tax return – latest year
  • Business income tax return – latest 3 years
  • Monthly business statements – latest 6 months
  • Retail businesses – latest 3 credit process statements.

We will help gather any additional information that may be required.

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